08 Mar 2016

Message of Support for Children's Festival 2016

CraigLaundyThe Hon Craig Laundy MP
Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs

As Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs, I congratulate the organisers of the Children’s Festival in Sydney for this popular event which reminds us of Australia’s rich cultural diversity.

Our cultural diversity is a source of great social and economic strength and well worth celebrating. Multicultural Australia enjoys a combination of social cohesion and economic prosperity that is the envy of the world.

The Children’s Festival is just one of many examples of Australians of all backgrounds coming together to celebrate our cultural diversity.

Promoting peace and harmony within the community, the Children’s Festival encourages understanding between different cultures and faiths by reinforcing children’s positive values.

Our children already show us that acceptance of diversity is a natural behaviour. Anything different to that is learned. An event such as the Children’s Festival also helps to remind adults that in acknowledging our diversity, we also have much in common.

The Government is committed to maintaining and building a prosperous and cohesive multicultural Australia. We are working at improving the wellbeing of migrants and refugees settling in Australia by responding to their specific needs, and encouraging their independence and participation in the community.

I wish the festival, the organisers and the children all the best and plenty of fun at First Fleet Park in Sydney.



JohnAjaka2The Hon John Ajaka MLC
Minister for Multiculturalism

It is my great pleasure to offer my best wishes to everyone taking part in the Children’s Festival at First Fleet Park on 20 March 2016.

Since 1999, children from across Sydney have gathered to showcase their special talents under the umbrella of the Children’s Festival Organisation Inc.

This wonderful event has brought together thousands of people from all communities to share cultural traditions and heritage, in an atmosphere of family fun.

I commend the organising committee for its hard work and wish everyone a wonderful, safe and happy festival.



AlexGreenwichMr. Alex Greenwich MP, Member for Sydney

Congratulations on the upcoming Sydney Children’s Festival, which aims to build a tolerant and inclusive society.

I strongly support acceptance, diversity and inclusion, and share your goal of a welcoming and inclusive society and am proud to represent such a tolerant and vibrant area. Your project is most welcome and contributes to these special qualities.

As Member for Sydney, I’ve been working to improve child care and education opportunities in the inner city. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of inner city families with children and in the diversity of those families. Your Children’s FeStival is an excellent way to build cross-cultural connections and understanding, and to create dialogue that helps break down them-and-us barriers and prevent conflict.

I commend your efforts and wish you another successful Children's Festival this year.




LordMayorPhoto 220Ms Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney

I refer to your invitation to speak at the opening ceremony of the Children’s Festival 2016, to be held in First Fleet Park, The Rocks, on 20 March 2016.

I appreciate your invitation, however I am unable to attend or speak at the opening ceremony this year.

While I will not be able to attend, I am pleased to provide the following words of support, along with the attached photo, to be included in the festival program and displayed on the Children’s Festival website.

I am pleased to continue my support for the Children’s Festival in 2016. It is wonderful to see the Children’s Festival now in its third year here in the City of Sydney.

The Children’s Festival brings together children, families and friends from the many diverse cultures living in the City of Sydney. Today, through costume, dance, good food and conversation together, we learn more about each other and about the vast and varied cultures of all those who call this city home.

The Children’s Festival is an important event in the City of Sydney’s Living in Harmony Festival program and is a place to celebrate the strength and richness of our diversity.

I congratulate the organisers of the Children’s Festival on their efforts this year, and I trust you will all have a fun day together.




Geof LeeDr Geoff Lee MP, Member for Parramatta

It is with great pleasure that I offer congratulations to the Children's Festival Organisation on the occasion ot their Opening Ceremony.

I would like to sincerely congratulate and thank the Children's Festival Organisation for their work in bridging cultural differences and fostering greater harmony in our society.

The fun and light hearted nature in which the Organisation educates children about the importance of harmony has been a major factor in their continual growth and success.

I once again congratulate the Children's Festival Organisation and wish you all the best for a successful event.

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