18 Aug 2015

Message of Support for Bankstown Children's Festival 2015

Governor David HurleyHis Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret'd)
Governor of New South Wales

The 17th Bankstown Children’s Festival, to be held on 12th September 2015, is one of the largest and most unique celebrations of multiculturalism for children and families in Australia.

This joyful festival celebrates our cultural diversity and, importantly,  builds harmony and unity within our community in a fun, family environment.

I congratulate Children’s Festival Organisation, once again, on putting  on  a wonderful program, enabling children and adults to experience the  Children’s Parade and different cultural traditions, costumes, dances, performances, songs, drumming workshops, kite flying and many other activities,  while  sharing traditional food and music.

Best wishes to everyone involved in this year’s Festival! Linda and I look forward to meeting you.



PremierMikeBaird Mike Baird MP
The Premier of New South Wales

I am delighted to send my best wishes to everyone participating in the Bankstown Children’s Festival.

The Bankstown Children’s Festival promotes social harmony and encourages children of all backgrounds to come together in the spirit of fair play.

This wonderful opportunity enables children to learn about each other and experience different cultures. People from so many different backgrounds and nationalities call NSW home, and this is what makes our state such an interesting and dynamic place to live.

I would like to to commend Children’s Festival Organisation Inc. for making this special event possible, and on behalf of the NSW Government, I wish everyone participating an enjoyable and memorable day.



LukeFoleyThe Hon. Luke Foley MLC MP
Leader of the Opposition of New South Wales

I am delighted to lend my support to the annual Bankstown Children’s Festival. The Bankstown Children’s Festival continues to be a wonderful celebration of youth and multiculturalism in our state capital.

In its seventeenth year, the festival’s longevity means that many of those who first came to the event as young people are now able to bring their own children along to enjoy the festivities. Mr Thuat Nguyen OAM and his colleagues should be proud of the continuing role the festival plays in promoting harmony and understanding.

New South Wales is the beneficiary of its diverse, youthful and energetic communities – communities just like Bankstown. I look forward to spending time with the children and young families at this year’s event and I wish all of those involved a wonderful day.



JasonClareThe Hon. Jason Clare MP
Federal Member of Blaxland

Our local area is one of the most culturally diverse places in Australia. People from 130 different countries, speaking  more than 60 different  languages, call it home.

It is a place of churches, mosques and temples, where different languages grace our shops and where our homes welcome everyone, no matter where they were born, how they worship or what language they speak.

This is where the new Australia is being forged — a courageous, cosmopolitan, cohesive country, where being Australian is not about where you come from but about where you are going.

That's why I am so pleased to support the Children’s Festival. Building a new Australia starts with our children — playing together and living in harmony.

The seventeenth anniversary of the Bankstown Children's Festival is a great achievement and I would like to congratulate Mr Thuat Nguyen OAM and his fantastic team. Together they are helping to build a better local community — a shining light to the rest of the world.

I look forward to sharing this wonderful day with all the children and their families and I encourage everyone in our local community to get involved in what will be a fantastic and fun filled day.



JohnAjakaThe Hon. John Ajaka MLC
Minister of Multiculturalism

It is my pleasure to greet everyone at the 17th annual Bankstown Children’s Festival.

The very first festival was held at Bankstown, which is now home to people of more than 130 different ancestries, speaking more than 60 languages.

The Children’s Festival Organisation has always promoted social and cultural acceptance, and was founded by Mr Thuat Van Nguyen OAM, a former Vietnamese refugee who has made an enormous contribution to the life of New South Wales residents.

Events such as these bring people of many faiths and communities together, to celebrate their traditions while learning from one another.

I congratulate the Children’s Festival Organisation Inc for its hard work in staging such a vibrant and energetic day.




DavidColeman2Mr. David Coleman MP
Federal Member for Banks

I congratulate, and thank, the Children's Festival Organisation for the wonderful work it has done with young people in both Sydney and the Bankstown area.

The Organisation's mission to bring Australian children together to share in the joy of learning and understanding other cultures is a very important one. This contributes greatly to the creation of a rich, vibrant and harmonious society.

It is great to see the Festival growing in size each year. I am pleased to be able to attend this year's Festival in Bankstown and participate in many of the multicultural events on the day.

The Children's Festi\/al is a unique way of bringing young people together and creating shared experiences. A recently released Census Report into Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Youth shows that 18.9% of South-West Sydney youth come from a culturally and linguistically diverse background. This re-enforces the importance of hosting e\lents like the Children’s Festival in Bankstown.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the organisers of the Festival, who all work as volunteers. Without their hard work, this important celebration would not exist. I hope everyone has a wonderful time at the Children's Festival 2015.



TaniaMihailukMs Tania Mihailuk MP
State Member for Bankstown

As the State Member for Bankstown, it is my honour to again extend my support for the Bankstown Children’s Festival in 2015.

The annual Bankstown Children's Festival is a highly anticipated and major community event in Bankstown, supported and attended by thousands of children, families and visitorv throughout NSW.

This wonderful event organised by the Children’s Festival Organisation with the support of our local club and business community is unique in that it provides a platform for our broader community to unite and appreciate other cultures.

Children from a range of different backgrounds coming together to participate in activities in the spirit of fun can help break down social and cultural barriers and build a more unified and tolerant Australian society.

The Children's Festival also proVides us the opportunity to celebrate our children and their value within the family unit and the broader community.

The success of this annual event is greatly  due to the unwavering commitment  of the entire Management Committee of the Children’s Festival Organisation, in particular the tireless efforts of the President, Thuat V. Nguyen OAM.

I also commend the many cultural, sporting and community organisations that volunteer their time for being instrumental in fostering the festival as a permanent feature on the Bankstown community calendar.



GlennBrookesMr. Glenn Brookes MP
State Member for East Hills

I take great pleasure in providing this message of support to the Organising Committee of the 2015 Bankstown Children’s Festival — A Festival that always provides the children of the Bankstown community with a day of fun, laughter and entertainment - A Festival that reminds us why, as adults, we should always strive to achieve peace and harmony within and between all cultures so that our children can live in a world that is safe, prosperous and supportive.

More importantly, the Festival highlights the very best resource that we have to offer for the continued success of Australia, our children.

Everyone attending the 2015 Bankstown Children’s Festival will undoubtedly enjoy their day.

I congratulate Mr. Thuat Nguyen OAM, President, and all members of the 2015 Organising Committee for volunteering their time so generously to ensure the success of this event. I look forward to seeing you all at Paul Keating Park on Saturday 12 September 2015.



LindaDowneyClr Linda Downey
Mayor of  Bankstown

Council is proud to support the 2015 Bankstown Children's Festival.

The Festival is a celebration of the great value we place on our children and the special love we have for them.

It is a reminder to parents and our community of our responsibility to raise our kids right by teaching them good values, respect and acceptance.

Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to making this festival the success that it is.



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